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modern astrology - modern world

Modern astrology has gotten a lot more personal and a lot more accessible in the last century. The availability of birth charts and software have made chart creation simple and easy. And the internet gives us more access to knowledge than we’ve ever had before, making the task of understanding a chart easier than it’s ever been.

Yet still most people don’t understand the mechanics of what they’re looking at. They don’t understand how the houses work or the ingredients that make each sign unique. They don’t understand the deeper nature of planets. And most importantly they don’t know how to bring it all together.

An astrology chart is living, breathing document. Looking at each planet in each sign in each house alone tells us little or nothing about the bigger picture of who you are. It fails to understand the undercurrent of relationships and connections that make you who you are.

Just reading that last sentence implies that astrology will be difficult to learn. But it doesn’t have to be.

astrology and you

Modern Astrology offers a series of astrology courses that build on one another to expand your knowledge. You’ll build your astrology foundations with the course An Introduction To Astrology, learning about houses, signs, planets and aspects. You’ll learn how each of these elements work and how to bring them all together to begin interpretive work.

Each course is a series of professionally presented high quality video lessons. The course is structured to get to the point and give you the knowledge you’re after in the most efficient and relatable way possible. And each course is backed up with a comprehensive PDF version of the course content for offline learning and printing.

Each course is scripted so every word is purposeful and directed toward the outcome of each lesson. You’ll feel your confidence and knowledge grow and develop as you progress through the content. You’ll feel the bigger picture of astrology coming together.

And at the end of the day that’s as important as the knowledge itself.

the power of udemy

Udemy is one of the most versatile and proven online learning platforms available and provides the backbone for Modern Astrology.

Lifetime access, fast international servers and translations into every major language give you everything you need to begin your learning journey. You can learn on any device at your own pace and in your own way.

You’ll have access to tests, exams, support and Udemy’s famous 30 day guarantee.

modern astrology courses

an introduction to astrology

Start with An Introduction To Astrology to build solid foundations. You’ll learn all the fundamentals needed to start interpreting a natal astrology chart with an in depth look at houses, planets, signs and aspects.

This course will give you real knowledge when it comes to working with the natal chart and will give you the core you need to start developing a deeper understanding of self – and of others, through astrology.


advanced astrology

Advanced Astrology takes your knowledge to a next level with asteroids and calculated points. Expand your knowledge of alternative house systems such as Placidus and Koch. Learn how to break a chart down at a glance with hemispheres and quadrants. And learn advanced interpretation concepts such as decanates and interception.

This course offers powerful new tools to power up your readings and strengthens your knowledge of the chart, giving you a deeper and more enriched understanding of astrology.


esoteric astrology

Esoteric Astrology explores the relationship between the soul, reincarnation and the natal astrology chart.

How do past lives reveal themselves on the chart? What is the spiritual purpose of the present incarnation and where will it lead you in the next life?

This is a more philosophical course, incorporating knowledge from the Theosophical Society and ancient religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. You’ll learn about the new spiritual rulers of each sign and how to interpret planets and houses at a soul level. And the course makes an esoteric interpretation of the charts of Johnny Depp and Vladimir Putin.


medical astrology

Medical Astrology introduces the pioneering work of astrologer Leoni Hodgson. It shows how to find disease and illness using the natal chart. This is a course of two parts – an introductory section that introduces each the course elements.

The second section is a series of Zoom classes conducted by Leoni Hodgson that will walk you through working with disease and psychological illness using the natal astrology chart.

Leoni’s work is a fusion of traditional astrology, esoteric astrology and eastern wisdom and takes a pioneering approach to working with and identifying illness and disease using astrology.

This difficult but rewarding course provides an exciting opportunity for astrologers, energy workers and healers to extend the list of services they offer and to take a new look at illness in their work.

synastry - relationship astrology

Love and relationships is always one of the top three questions in an astrology reading. The natal chart will tell you how an individual may love, but the bi-wheel chart gives a true indication of romantic compatibility.

Learn how to find those strengths that bind a couple together and those red flags that spell trouble. Help your client understand if they’re looking for love or repeating self-destructive patterns.


An interest in learning modern astrology has brought you here – are you ready to take that interest to the next level? If so, welcome to Modern Astrology and I look forward to interacting with you as you move through our courses.

And don’t pay the index price. I release coupon codes for students every month and I’m more than happy to send one to you. There’s a link at the bottom of each course description page that will email me with a request for a course coupon code. Fill out the form and I’ll send you a discounted link.


More than 70 lectures are organized into well easy to follow categories to help you develop your astrology skill set.


This strikingly beautiful learning aid allows you to absorb course content offline and at your own leisure.


Reinforce your learning with this set of downloadable and printable flash cards, covering planets, signs and houses.


Tests and assignments test your knowledge and highlight any areas where you may need to improve your learning.