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Not All Udemy Astrology Courses Are The Same

Have you been looking for Udemy astrology courses online ? You may be developing a personal interest, or may be looking for a way to diversify what you offer as a practitioner and expand your current client base. It can be hard to learn astrology by yourself.
However many website or online sources already assume you know the basics. Or they present information that contradicts with other sources without explaining why.
Getting those foundation can be difficult.

Build Your Foundations

My Udemy astrology courses build those foundations you need by presenting the content all astrologers can agree on. Signs, houses, aspects and planets – these topics are covered in the most universal of ways and allow you to quickly absorb the knowledge you need.
You’ll quickly begin to make sense of chart data and will develop your ability to create and interpret a natal astrology chart. You’ll also find yourself able to make sense of and participate in discussions on Astrology related topics.

Advance Your Learning

My Udemy astrology courses are also progressive. They start by building your foundations and giving you practical tools and exercises to test your knowledge every step of the way. With this foundation in place, you can then go on to study more specific topics such as Synastry or predictive astrology.

Reach Your Goals

Solid course structures, quality content and a collection of downloadable reources provide you with all of the tools you need to build your knowledge of astrology. Quizzes and assignments test your knowledge and are responded to personally by me. You are provided with all you need to succeed in your learning and reach your goals in Astrology.

The Power Of Udemy

All Modern Astrology courses are built on the power of Udemy – one of the world’s most trusted and recognised learning platforms. All courses are aligned with Udemy’s best practice model and student reviewed. Don’t take my word – read the reviews of students who have completed each course and find out why each course maintains an average minimum rating of 4.5+ out of 5.

Find The Astrology Courses That Are Right For You


Choose the course that’s right for you from the list below.If you’re completely new to Astrology then why not complete “The Big 3?” It’s a short course and you’ll learn so much more about yourself than they story your Sun Sign tells.

If you’re determined to learn astrology at a deeper level and want to start creating and interpreting natal charts then An Introduction To Astrology (Essential Astrology) will build the foundations you’re looking for. This course is suitable for all learning styles and learning levels and will help you build roots. This course provides the knowledge needed to complete the Advanced Astrology and Synastry courses and will set you on a road of learning and discovery. And the Esoteric and Medical Astrology Courses will advance your knowledge to a specialist level.



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From signs to houses. From planets to aspects. This course lays down the fundamentals of western astrology and will teach you how to make a basic natal chart interpretation.


This course builds directly onto the Introduction To Astrology (Astrology Essentials) course and introduces new content such as asteroids, hemispheres, calculated points and much more.


If you feel you’ve got the knowledge but your confidence still isn’t there yet when it comes to client work, or if you want to measure your level of professionalism as an astrologer then this is the course for you.


The astrology of relationships, Synastry introduces the BiWheel chart and teaches you how to gauge romantic compatibility from an Astrology point of view.


This course introduces a framework for reincarnation and spiritual evolution, and teaches us how to look for karma and piritual growth opportunities on the natal chart.


Learn about the application of astrology in regard to health and disease diagnosis through the work of master astrologer Leoni Hodgson. This course is delivered in two sections – a course preparation section and a sseries of recorded Zoom classes delivered by Leoni.