Modern Astrology


There has always been astrology.

Welcome to the Modern Astrology Podcast. There were planets and stars and constellations way before we began paying attention – even before we existed. The universe was  operational and underway way before we looked up and wondered.

In this modern world, astrology is in many ways all about us.

We look for love, for meaning and for purpose from the chart. We build and explore our relationships with ourselves and we grow as a soul.

This podcast steps back and looks for astrology in the big picture. We explore astrology and it’s connection to the world around us, looking outward before looking in. 

Join me on a journey of looking for the astrology that lives in everything.

Episodes are released fortnightly.

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Episode Four

Saturn’s faithful, Saturn’s salves and the Saturn return. Saturn comes back around and lifts you up again…

Episode Three

Time travel – it’s fuel for science fiction and a source of speculation for science. But how does astrology weigh in on this topic..?

Episode Two

in astrology we pin the word faith on the planet Neptune like the word itself has meaning. But how close to the abyss to we need to get to truly understand the relationship between a rat and a ballroom dancer?

Episode One

Hemispheres, quadrants, the lobes of the brain and the dream of being – how are they connected and how do we find it on the natal astrology chart?